How to Properly Clean a House in Austin?

A clean house is paramount with a baby growing up in it. Piece by piece, you are told what you have to do. Follow the guide below.

Clean the baby’s room thoroughly. Microbes, bacteria and germs have hiding places in the house. Our tips to flush them out, starting with the Baby Room!

Do not forget that it is in his room that Baby spends the most time, if only because he sleeps in it …
– If it is very good to spend the vacuum every day, Do not be ashamed to dispense with this chore every other day.
– For decoration of the Baby room, avoid thick fabrics, carpets and carpets
– No outdoor shoes in the Baby room !
– Do not forget to practice a good daily aeration!

Warning ! A real microbial nest!
It is in the bedding and the “doudous” that are taken refuge the mites, these parasites responsible for allergies.
Dust and frequent the mattress frequently, change sheets and covers often and wash them at high temperatures.

– Another cache of preference for microbes … Have you thought about washing the cubes and rattles of all kinds which, however, are chewed, thrown to the floor, shared with other children? … Use chlorinated water to clean All “solid” toys , not forgetting of course to rinse them abundantly .

Namely: the washing machine is very convenient to regularly clean the lint , and the dishwasher for the toys (at low temperature).

– Behind the doors of the room of Baby, no real nest with microbes, but some precautions to take all the same …

A nickel bathroom!

Soils, walls, baths, washbasins, etc.
Nothing to report: they are all easy to wash, especially since the bathroom is of course prohibited to city shoes , as long as you have young children.

Gloves and towels
Attention! The permanent moisture of the bathroom helps, they quickly turn into nests with bacteria! Dry thoroughly all the towels. Change it regularly, especially for toddlers (at least twice a week).

As soon as Baby starts to imitate you, offer him his toothbrush, and especially that nobody else is using it! It is now known that the caries of mothers are contagious and that they willingly attack milk teeth !

Last Tip : To avoid systematically switching the toys to the machine, offer them from time to time to Baby as “bath games”.

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