Casual Beach Wedding at Anela Gardens Chapel in Hawaii

A casual wedding is nice for the fiancés and their loved ones. Forget about renting a tuxedo or putting on an evening gown – a hawaii wedding that is casual and hosts fashion from every style. A casual wedding beach also suppresses the formality of getting married in a church and the stress of elaborate details. Plan a relaxed beach wedding and enjoy the simplicity of love.

1 Contact local authorities for information on which beach locations can be booked for a wedding.

2 Visit the beach locations provided. Examine the view, the sand, available parking and the distance to reception, if any. Ask the local beach crew about the tides, sea turtles season or other problems that may occur on the beach.

3 Reserve the beach of your choice. Talk with local authorities as to what is and are not allowed on the beach wedding hawaii. Note anything that should not be put in or on the sand for a list can be included in the invitation to guests.

4 Decide on the dress code for the wedding party. An occasional beach wedding does not appeal for traditional tuxedos or dresses. Choose light, casual clothes, such as linen pants and shirts for men and light, airy dresses for women. For the wedding dress, choose something that is casual with little or no embellishment – the simpler, the better.

5 Rent a rental company to set up friendly beach chairs for the wedding. Check that everything will be set up at least one hour before the ceremony must take place and that everything will be removed less than an hour from the end of the ceremony. Place a down payment on the hawaii beach wedding packages you choose.

6 Contact the person you want to host your beach wedding casual. If it will be a religious leader, set up a time to meet with him. If you decide to have a friend or family member conduct the ceremony, discuss what kind of feelings you want to share.

7 Send a Save the date card three months in advance with details of when, where and at what time the ceremony will take place.

8 Send the wedding invitations one month before the wedding. Include a line that says “Casual Beach” or “Casual Attracted Required” so that customers know that it will be a laid-back, casual affair. Requiring RSVPs to return a week before the wedding enough for chairs will be on hand.

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