The AK 400 – The New Kalashnikov Fuzis Series

Kalashnikov, the Russian manufacturer of weapons, famous for the AK 47 rifle, offered the Russian Special Forces a new rifle, which surpasses all previous versions, the AK 400.

“The AK 400 is superior to the AK 74 and the AK 12 in relation to the accuracy and dispersion of the projectiles,” said a source from within the Russian military industry.

“The AK 400 was introduced at the end of 2015 at a meeting organized by the Presidential Secret Service. The customer was interested in our product and now they are studying the proposal. “Said he

According to the military, the AK47, which has been in service in the Russian Armed Forces since 2014, does not meet all the requirements of the elite group of Special Forces.

“The AK-12 is a weapon for infantry, paratroopers and reconnaissance companies better than ar parts for sale and other assault rifle. Special Forces troops need a more compact weapon, which – on the one hand – is not inferior to AK-12 in relation to the accuracy and dispersion of the projectiles, but – on the other hand – it is compact enough to take as assault a building, an airplane, a train or a bus, and also to parachute and walk in a forest, “he explained.

In the photo above we can see a comparison of some of the changes cited. In the photos above we can see the difference between the straighter trigger of the new AK 400 and the more curved trigger of the AK 47. In the photo below we see the strap that is now on the back of the weapon, compared to the AK 47 between the handguard and the AK 47 receiver.

Comparison of some of the changes mentioned. The first two photos from above show the difference between the straighter trigger of the new AK 400 and the more curved AK 47 trigger. Below we see the sight strap now on the back of the gun compared to the mass between the hand guard and the AK 47 receiver.

The AK 400 features a retractable harness and an aero precision lower that is also foldable. The weapon now has three firing systems: semi-automatic, three shots at a time and fully automatic. The shot selector is located on the back of the gun (no longer on the front as in previous models) and now has the Picatinny rail at the top. The sighting strap moved to the back, unlike previous models, which was allocated between the hand guard and the receiver; whoever is located in this position is now the upper lock . The handle of the gun has a small storage compartment that comes out from under the handle.

The dust cover is attached to a track that, unlike the other models, leaves it attached to the receiver. A spring attached to a groove in the back of the rifle secures this cover to the body of the AK 400 with aero precision, so it does not get any slack. Because of this the upper will vibrate less during shots and therefore aiming devices can be coupled to the picattyni rail . The gas system now has a 2-position gas regulator.

The old long stroke piston was replaced by a short stroke piston, reducing the overall weight of the bolt assembly, as there was no rod connecting the piston to the bolt conveyor.The mass of sight is now mounted on the gas blocker. The hand guard attaches directly to the receiver, causing the barrel to float; the trigger was now straighter than the previous triggers, which were rounded. Its caliber is the already famous 7,62x39mm, used in practically all the rifles of the AK family. The AK 400 has a total of 940mm and weighs just over 1.3kg.

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