The AK 400 – The New Kalashnikov Fuzis Series

Kalashnikov, the Russian manufacturer of weapons, famous for the AK 47 rifle, offered the Russian Special Forces a new rifle, which surpasses all previous versions, the AK 400.

“The AK 400 is superior to the AK 74 and the AK 12 in relation to the accuracy and dispersion of the projectiles,” said a source from within the Russian military industry.

“The AK 400 was introduced at the end of 2015 at a meeting organized by the Presidential Secret Service. The customer was interested in our product and now they are studying the proposal. “Said he

According to the military, the AK47, which has been in service in the Russian Armed Forces since 2014, does not meet all the requirements of the elite group of Special Forces.

“The AK-12 is a weapon for infantry, paratroopers and reconnaissance companies better than ar parts for sale and other assault rifle. Special Forces troops need a more compact weapon, which – on the one hand – is not inferior to AK-12 in relation to the accuracy and dispersion of the projectiles, but – on the other hand – it is compact enough to take as assault a building, an airplane, a train or a bus, and also to parachute and walk in a forest, “he explained.

In the photo above we can see a comparison of some of the changes cited. In the photos above we can see the difference between the straighter trigger of the new AK 400 and the more curved trigger of the AK 47. In the photo below we see the strap that is now on the back of the weapon, compared to the AK 47 between the handguard and the AK 47 receiver.

Comparison of some of the changes mentioned. The first two photos from above show the difference between the straighter trigger of the new AK 400 and the more curved AK 47 trigger. Below we see the sight strap now on the back of the gun compared to the mass between the hand guard and the AK 47 receiver.

The AK 400 features a retractable harness and an aero precision lower that is also foldable. The weapon now has three firing systems: semi-automatic, three shots at a time and fully automatic. The shot selector is located on the back of the gun (no longer on the front as in previous models) and now has the Picatinny rail at the top. The sighting strap moved to the back, unlike previous models, which was allocated between the hand guard and the receiver; whoever is located in this position is now the upper lock . The handle of the gun has a small storage compartment that comes out from under the handle.

The dust cover is attached to a track that, unlike the other models, leaves it attached to the receiver. A spring attached to a groove in the back of the rifle secures this cover to the body of the AK 400 with aero precision, so it does not get any slack. Because of this the upper will vibrate less during shots and therefore aiming devices can be coupled to the picattyni rail . The gas system now has a 2-position gas regulator.

The old long stroke piston was replaced by a short stroke piston, reducing the overall weight of the bolt assembly, as there was no rod connecting the piston to the bolt conveyor.The mass of sight is now mounted on the gas blocker. The hand guard attaches directly to the receiver, causing the barrel to float; the trigger was now straighter than the previous triggers, which were rounded. Its caliber is the already famous 7,62x39mm, used in practically all the rifles of the AK family. The AK 400 has a total of 940mm and weighs just over 1.3kg.

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How to Study Accounting: 4 Techniques to Make Everything Fit

The subject of Accounting and, within it, all its variants (Analytical Accounting, Financial Accounting, etc.) are present in many careers and degrees because of its importance for any company or organization . However, many students are choked with balance sheets and scores and end up desperate and not knowing how to study accounting.

Is this your case? Here are 4 study techniques from quickbooks project management that can get you out of a hurry and even get you to like accounting (you will not be the first student who hated accounting and ended up being an accountant;)).

4 Techniques That Will Teach You How to Study Accounting

# 1 The Basics:

This is a piece of advice that we repeat in many subjects but in accounting it is a critical factor. The problem for many students is that they simply do not dominate the basic concepts of assets, liabilities, net worth, charge, credit, balance, depreciation, etc. So when they move on to a little more advanced concepts or exercises, they get lost.

It is therefore worth investing our time in fully understanding and mastering these concepts before moving forward. You might want to read quickbooks accounting training to help you in understanding this keys. In this sense, memory cards and online notes can be two key tools to review and always have at hand the terms with which we will work during our study.

Remember that, as Albert Einstein once said, if you can not explain something simply, you do not understand it well enough.

# 2 Practice:

Do not fool yourself! For many hours you study the days before the exam, you will not pass. Accounting is a subject that requires continuous work throughout the course .

If you want to obtain good results, distribute your study hours in a balanced way and see increasing the difficulty of the exercises progressively. At first, try to perform simple exercises with your notes ahead while, in the days before the exam, you go through complete exercises that resemble the exam itself.

# 3 Your Best Friends – Balance and Calculator:

This is why you should not worry too much at first, since the study and practice you do during the course, will make you become a teacher with the calculator, balance sheet and various financial statements.

However, before you face any test or accounting test, you need to master quickbooks accounting program and you also need to ratify that you handle these items fast and that you can use them almost without looking.


# 4 Do not be left with doubts:

Accounting is a subject in which any doubt can affect the rest of our knowledge and make us hesitate in excess when performing exercises that we have already mastered. Therefore, it is especially advisable to ask the doubts that we have and read quickbooks job costing  for help, either to our teacher or to a colleague who can help us.

In this sense, putting together a study group is a strategy that gives very good results to some accounting students. If you work with other students in your class to review the material, you will be better prepared to answer the questions they ask. Also, the best part of this is that, as you respond and help others, you also learn.

Another alternative is to face small tests type test to consolidate your knowledge.

Bonus – Make sure you’re on the day:

Accounting is governed by rules that vary by country and are updated frequently. This does not have to affect you as a student but it is always good to make sure that the study resources we are studying are currently in force and, above all, those that require us in the exam. When in doubt, ask your teacher or use study groups to ask for help.

We hope these tips will clear the doubt on how to study accounting and give you good results.

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Casual Beach Wedding at Anela Gardens Chapel in Hawaii

A casual wedding is nice for the fiancés and their loved ones. Forget about renting a tuxedo or putting on an evening gown – a hawaii wedding that is casual and hosts fashion from every style. A casual wedding beach also suppresses the formality of getting married in a church and the stress of elaborate details. Plan a relaxed beach wedding and enjoy the simplicity of love.

1 Contact local authorities for information on which beach locations can be booked for a wedding.

2 Visit the beach locations provided. Examine the view, the sand, available parking and the distance to reception, if any. Ask the local beach crew about the tides, sea turtles season or other problems that may occur on the beach.

3 Reserve the beach of your choice. Talk with local authorities as to what is and are not allowed on the beach wedding hawaii. Note anything that should not be put in or on the sand for a list can be included in the invitation to guests.

4 Decide on the dress code for the wedding party. An occasional beach wedding does not appeal for traditional tuxedos or dresses. Choose light, casual clothes, such as linen pants and shirts for men and light, airy dresses for women. For the wedding dress, choose something that is casual with little or no embellishment – the simpler, the better.

5 Rent a rental company to set up friendly beach chairs for the wedding. Check that everything will be set up at least one hour before the ceremony must take place and that everything will be removed less than an hour from the end of the ceremony. Place a down payment on the hawaii beach wedding packages you choose.

6 Contact the person you want to host your beach wedding casual. If it will be a religious leader, set up a time to meet with him. If you decide to have a friend or family member conduct the ceremony, discuss what kind of feelings you want to share.

7 Send a Save the date card three months in advance with details of when, where and at what time the ceremony will take place.

8 Send the wedding invitations one month before the wedding. Include a line that says “Casual Beach” or “Casual Attracted Required” so that customers know that it will be a laid-back, casual affair. Requiring RSVPs to return a week before the wedding enough for chairs will be on hand.

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10 Daily Housekeepers Cleaning TIPS

There are only ten home cleaning austin tips but they will make all the difference! Keep the house clean and organized, regret to inform but it is a daily work. Go through small things you can do every day, so as not to accumulate trash, garbage and dust through the corners.

1. Have the cleaning products and accessories all in the same place, preferably inside a bucket so that you can load them more easily from division into division.

2. Having a scheme for austin house cleaning services is a good idea. Always start in the same room and always follow the same script. In no time, it will do everything automatically and much faster. Always start with the hardest: the kitchen and the bathrooms.

3. The idea is to do a quick and efficient house cleaning, so turn on the turbo! You can not spend all day cleaning up or hire maid services in austin tx to do the job. Turn on the music, turn off the phone, and get started.

4. Before you start cleaning housekeeping, if you did not do it during the week, it’s time to tear yourself up. With the help of a basket pick up everything that is out of place. Throw away any trash, take laundry to the laundromat and put in the place that is untidy.

5. If you live in a house with more than one floor, begin cleaning from top to bottom and from one end to the other. The first thing: make the beds, take out and do austin cleaning carpets services, chairs and everything on the floor to disturb.

6. It’s time to quickly vacuum the house. If you have cats or long hair and spent the week without cleaning the floor, the most certain is that there are skeins on the floor, which is western! What good is it to start cleaning furniture or windows with all that dust on the floor?

7. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water, place detergent, and with a well-wrung microfiber cloth, start cleaning all surfaces. Follow the eito, cleaning furniture, door handles and switches. Change the water and cloth as necessary. You’ll have it cleaned in no time!

8. It depends on the amount of things you have on the shelves but, to start with, just move things from one side to another. Do not waste time getting it all out, you may call austin commercial cleaning to finish the task. Simplify. As for the mirrors, clean the kitchen paper with clean glass and clean – never spray the mirrors with the spray!

9. In the bathrooms, you will always lose more time. We recommend that in these rooms never fail the weekly cleaning. Otherwise, sanitary ware begin to get stained and the tiles with mold. One trick: enjoy while taking the shower for a quick shower cleaning.

10. Finish cleaning with a dry mop on the floor to catch the dust and finish with the wet but well twisted mop. A good trick to speed up the drying process is to use very hot water.

Extra tip: reserve fifteen minutes a day to quickly clean the house or austin office cleaning. Just pick up a basket and run the house from one end to the other, picking up clothes that are on the floor, trash or things that are out of place. If you can wipe the floor with a dry mop or a vertical vacuum cleaner mid-week, you have the house tidy !

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The Best House Cleaning Service in Austin

House Cleaning Service in Austin

Have you imagined for a moment arriving at your house or apartment, after a hard working day and find all your home in perfect conditions of cleaning, with clothes washed and ironed, carpets and carpets clean ?.

Maids Way is a local House Cleaning and Maid Services in Austin, Texas that provides professional housekeeping at a reasonable price and on a time most convenient to you. We offer Austin House Cleaning Services, Maid Services, Janitorial Services and Commercial Cleaning.

Our staff will travel to your home anywhere in Austin Texas, the day and time that best suits you, perfectly uniformed and equipped with all necessary products, for any type of integral cleaning such as carpets, blinds, kitchen, sanitary , Doors, pavements, sanitation, terraces. Whether its, House Cleaning Services, Austin Maid Services, Janitorial Services or Commercial Cleaning, we got it all for you.

During our long experience we have developed new methods in cleaning at home; Techniques and materials that improve the particular cleaning of your home, such as the working conditions of our employees, while minimizing negative effects on the environment, at a very tight price.

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Ways to properly clean your home in Austin

Cleaning the house is not a task of any rest and requires time but especially a lot of effort! To make this problem solved, these practical tricks will be of valuable use to you. Here’s the list of cleaning tips from austin cleaning service.

Clean your sponge. When they are wet, cleaning sponges are the preferred spot for bacteria proliferation. Consequence: these last end up landing on your dishes. To destroy the bacteria on your sponge, there is a simple trick that consists of putting it in a microwave oven for 2 minutes every day for optimal hygiene. According to austin house cleaning the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), putting a sponge in a microwave for two minutes would destroy most of the microbes or germs present.

Clean your washing machine. If you start to doubt the cleanliness of your washing machine, here’s the trick: Insert 2 cups of white vinegar into the laundry tub and let your machine run for an hour. When finished, repeat the wash cycle again. If the inside surfaces or the drum are dirty, take a sponge then soak in vinegar and clean. austin maids says that Thanks to its acidity, white vinegar has powerful anti-lime properties. In addition, it is a very effective disinfectant, stain remover and deodorant. Also put your sponge on the lids, knobs and slots of your washing machine, it will become clean again as new.

Clean the baseboards. Instead of taking out all the household tackles to clean this particularly difficult area, here’s a tip that involves using the dryer fabric softener sails. Why ? Because they are antistatic, they will eliminate that dirt that usually nests on baseboards, regardless of material.

Clean stains on carpets and mattresses. This type of stain is particularly difficult to remove. But commercial cleaning austin tx has a way on doing it, you can prepare a mixture with hydrogen peroxide  and washing up liquid that you will put on a sponge. Rub. This trick will make them disappear quickly. Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic and disinfectant that will act against the most stubborn stains.

Remove Water Spots.To remove water stains from your faucet, you can rub it with waxed paper. This tip will also leave a protective layer on your taps that will prevent water stains and fingerprints. This is one of the best tips of janitors in austin that will surely help you.

Clean the toilet seat. In the evening, before sleeping, apply a paste of baking soda mixed with a little water on the toilet seat and let it work all night or you can ask residential cleaning austin tx to do it. The next day, wipe, your seat will be clean and clean. Baking soda is an antibacterial and antiseptic that will disinfect and clean your bezel.

Deodorize your interior. To purify and perfume your home by eliminating bad odors, here is a trick to do with vanilla. Put two teaspoons of vanilla extract in your oven and then, for one hour, heat to a temperature of 350 °. Very quickly, you will find that this pleasant smell of vanilla will invade your whole house.

Tip 8: Removing traces of glue
Spots and traces of glue on some surfaces can be very annoying but this simple trick can help you to overcome it. You can mix equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil and then apply this mixture to the stains, this white powder has abrasive properties that will help to dissolve the traces of glue and eliminate them.

Tip # 9: Clean the bathroom
In the evening, before you sleep, fill the bathtub with hot water, half a glass of lemon juice and a glass of baking soda. Leave overnight and remove residual deposits with a sponge or cloth. These two ingredients are highly prized for their abrasive and antibacterial properties which will clean your bathtub and emit a fresh smell. You can also you this on office cleaning austin tx as you wish.

Clean the bulbs. Did you know that a bulb covered with dust provides 50% less light? To clean your light bulb, first turn off the power and run a microfiber cloth to remove dust. You probably will not notice it, but your room will become brighter.

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How to Properly Clean a House in Austin?

A clean house is paramount with a baby growing up in it. Piece by piece, you are told what you have to do. Follow the guide below.

Clean the baby’s room thoroughly. Microbes, bacteria and germs have hiding places in the house. Our tips to flush them out, starting with the Baby Room!

Do not forget that it is in his room that Baby spends the most time, if only because he sleeps in it …
– If it is very good to spend the vacuum every day, Do not be ashamed to dispense with this chore every other day.
– For decoration of the Baby room, avoid thick fabrics, carpets and carpets
– No outdoor shoes in the Baby room !
– Do not forget to practice a good daily aeration!

Warning ! A real microbial nest!
It is in the bedding and the “doudous” that are taken refuge the mites, these parasites responsible for allergies.
Dust and frequent the mattress frequently, change sheets and covers often and wash them at high temperatures.

– Another cache of preference for microbes … Have you thought about washing the cubes and rattles of all kinds which, however, are chewed, thrown to the floor, shared with other children? … Use chlorinated water to clean All “solid” toys , not forgetting of course to rinse them abundantly .

Namely: the washing machine is very convenient to regularly clean the lint , and the dishwasher for the toys (at low temperature).

– Behind the doors of the room of Baby, no real nest with microbes, but some precautions to take all the same …

A nickel bathroom!

Soils, walls, baths, washbasins, etc.
Nothing to report: they are all easy to wash, especially since the bathroom is of course prohibited to city shoes , as long as you have young children.

Gloves and towels
Attention! The permanent moisture of the bathroom helps, they quickly turn into nests with bacteria! Dry thoroughly all the towels. Change it regularly, especially for toddlers (at least twice a week).

As soon as Baby starts to imitate you, offer him his toothbrush, and especially that nobody else is using it! It is now known that the caries of mothers are contagious and that they willingly attack milk teeth !

Last Tip : To avoid systematically switching the toys to the machine, offer them from time to time to Baby as “bath games”.

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